galactic geometries

A ceiling lighting project that relies on motion sensors disbursed throughout the room and pressure sensors on the soles of the dancer’s feet. The ceiling panel displays different patterns and dimming techniques based on proximity to the sensors as well as the activation of the LEDs on the dancer’s dress.

The tools required for construction included 22 gauge solid core wire (approximately 600 ft.), 100 LEDs, (100) 100 ohm resistors, wire strippers, soldering pencil, solder, flux, (2) 1/4” MDF 4’x8’ panels, (1) 2”x4” stud, pneumatic nailer, drill and bits, 3/8” threaded rod and nuts, black gloss spray paint, black matte spray paint, laser cutter, acrylic sheets, (4) long range infrared (IR) proximity sensors, (10) 16-channel analog/digital multiplexer/demultiplexers. The code was built in an arduino environment.

view the arduino .pde source code

student programmer, december 18, 2009
media robotics, arduino