cold storage

Cold Storage attempts to address the effectiveness of olfaction to lure the public into purchasing retail items. This play of using scents within retail spaces is a commonly used marketing tool that links a smell to a buyer’s memories. The effects that a scent has on memory and its relationship to personal emotions is crucial to this type of olfactory marketing. The project started out by recording people’s memories of scent events; events that occurred which involve a specific fragrance. Each story had an origin of purchasing a product that influenced their memory. A product that shaped a part of who they are, a strong feeling or emotion tied to commercialization. The onsite portion uses these stories and the scents released inside of the selected retail spaces are meant to evoke a desire to buy the future possibility for a special memory to emerge.

The site experience was accompanied by a postcard map. On the back of the postcard is a description of the olfactoryexperience and an address. On the front was a map of the experience one is meant to journey through; the postcard being an object of retail, a manufactured product to share with someone else. It is a map to memories both personal and being shared. The back of the postcard tells about the project describing how to experience the Cold Storage.

Lastly, the address displays the website of where one can listen to all the recorded memories as well as where one can upload their own to add to the collection at The complete collection of all memories can be found here.

student programmer, december 23, 2010
network landscapes, mobile media




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    absolut mandarin vodka
    beer batter fish
    burberry brit cologne
    burning coal
    butter onions
    christmas ornaments
    christmas trees
    cinnamon apple
    dead mouse
    dolce gabbana cologne
    english muffins
    fruity floral clothes
    gun cleaner easter lilies
    jade cologne
    jamaican chicken fish
    money blessing airfreshner
    red door perfume
    rotten food
    teacher coffee