winery topography

The site for a hotel and winery is located at Keuka Lake on Wagener Glen in Pulteney, New York with latitude coordinate 42° 31’ 52”N and longitude coordinate 77° 9’ 32”W. This site offers a creek and gorge setting as desired with a small waterfall feature found nearby shown in stacked laser cut chipboard. The hotel and winery are connected in a horseshoe-like shape underground with the exterior façade facing in towards the creek. Trees surrounded the site densely on both sides concealing the building location as a hidden structure to be discovered by visitors shown in lichen moss. The vineyard is arranged on the open terrain. Guests are able to drive past the grapes to the parking lot and gain entrance to the lobby through the light well fissure staircases.

architectural student, april 28, 2009
studio iv, topography