rain collection

The transformation of a three story residential building concentrates on the observation of nature’s elements on the site in the form of air (wind), water (rain and lake), earth (topology of land) and fire. Other quintessential elements evolve as a result of the design formation including solids and voids, sounds, light and dark, consciousness, metals and woods and platonic solids. Water is present as the central core of the building. This feature uses a columnar void capturing rain water from the roof construction and releasing it into the exposed shale ground below grade level. A tapering fireplace with a stone veneer abuts the rain column giving an overall impression of wind, water, earth and fire acting together. Ground floor and fireplace are three-dimensionally printed from a digital model. Rain harvester is composed of basswood strips and acetate sheets. Remaining floors are composed of basswood.

architectural student, april 27, 2008
studio ii, residential building