bridge by design

The suspension bridge model consists of copper wire and 8 pound Trilene smooth casting premium fishing line. The main forces in the suspension bridge are carried by the main cables and the inverted catenary curve. Secondary forces travel through an open truss structure in the deck which supports the roadbed. The deck has a slight upward curve incorporating a Howe truss pattern. The catenary arches at each side of the bridge bow outward from the roadbed. The ends of the arches are connected to a singular convergence point at the side wall passing through the truss bed. Cables anchored at bottom rail of deck truss affix the inverted catenary arches to the bridge. All loads are transferred to the truss system and downwards to the end connection.

bridge weight 10.4 oz
held approximately 125 lbs

architectural student, may 02, 2008
structures i, bridge design, strength test